orang yanG berarti

Gak Smw buNga bSa Jdi lAmbang Cinta tPi “MAWAR” bSa

Gak Smw tumBuhan bSa HiduP Tanpa Air tPi “KAKTUS”bSa

Gak Smw orank bSa Jdi orang yG be’arti di hidupmu tPi aq bSa khan

hehehehe (^_^)

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Sudah Malam

Langit Brubah Warna Mjadi Hitam,
Matahari Pun Dgantikan oLeh BuLan,
“TAU artiny g?
artiny tuh
Skrng Udh
hehe… mEt bO2x
Have a nice drE4m…

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Singkatan Dalam SMS

AFAIK — As Far As I Know
AFK — Away From Keyboard
ASAP — As Soon As Possible
BAS — Big A** Smile
B4 — Before
BBL — Be Back Later
BBN — Bye Bye Now
BBS — Be Back Soon
BEG — Big Evil Grin
BF — Boyfriend
BIBO — Beer In, Beer Out
BRB — Be Right Back
BTW — By The Way
BWL — Bursting With Laughter
C&G — Chuckle and Grin
CICO — Coffee In, Coffee Out

CID — Crying In Disgrace
CNP — Continued (in my) Next Post
CP — Chat Post(a chat message)
CRBT — Crying Real Big Tears
CSG — Chuckle Snicker Grin
CYA — See You (Seeya)
CYAL8R — See You Later (Seeyalata)
CUL8R — See You Later
DLTBBB — Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite
EG — Evil Grin
EMSG — Email Message
FC — Fingers Crossed
FTBOMH — From The Bottom Of My Heart
FYI — For Your Information
FWIW — For What It’s Worth
GAL — Get A Life
GF — Girlfriend
GFN — Gone For Now
GMBA — Giggling My Butt Off
GMTA — Great Minds Think Alike
GR8 — Great
GTSY — Glad To See You
H&K — Hug and Kiss
HABU — Have A Better ‘Un
HAGN — Have A Good Night
HAGU — Have A Good ‘Un
HHIS — Hanging Head in Shame
HUB — Head Up Butt
IAE — In Any Event
IC — I See
IGP — I Gotta Pee
IMNSHO — In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO — In My Opinion
IMCO — In My Considered Opinion
IMHO — In My Humble Opinion
IOW — In Other Words
IRL — In Real Life
IWALU — I Will Always Love You
IWO — In Other Words
JMO — Just My Opinion
JTLYK — Just To Let You Know
KIT — Keep In Touch
KOC — Kiss On Cheek
KOL — Kiss On Lips
L8R — Later
L8R — G8R Later ‘Gater
LHM — Lord Help Me
LHO — Laughing Head Off
LHU — Lord Help Us
LMAO — Laughing My A$$ Off
LMSO — Laughing My Socks Off
LTNS — Long Time No See
LOL — Laugh Out Loud
LSHMBB — Laughing So Hard My Belly is Bouncing
LSHMBH — Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSHTTARDML — Laughing So Hard The Tears Are Running Down My Leg
LTNS — Long Time No See
LTS — Laughing To Self
LUWAMH — Love You With All My Heart
LY — Love Ya
MTF — More To Follow
NRN — No Reply Necessary
NADT — Not A Darn Thing
OIC — Oh, I See
OL — Old Lady (significant other)
OM — Old Man (significant other)
OTOH — On The Other Hand
OTTOMH — Off The Top of My Head
PDS — Please Don’t Shoot
PITA — Pain In The A**
PM — Private Message
PMFJI — Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMP — Peed My Pants
POAHF — Put On A Happy Face
QSL — Reply
QSO — Conversation
QT — Cutie
ROFL — Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLAPMP — ROFL And Peeing My Pants
ROFLUTS ROFL — Unable to Speak
RTFM — Read The F****** Manual!
SETE — Smiling Ear To Ear
SHID — Slaps Head In Disgust
SNERT — Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager
SO — Significant Other
SOT — Short Of Time
SOTMG — Short Of Time Must Go
SWAK — Sealed With A Kiss
SWAS — Scientific Wild A** Guess
SWL — Screaming with Laughter
SYS — See You Soon
TA — Thanks Again
TGIF — Thank God It’s Friday
TCOY — Take Care Of Yourself
TILII — Tell It Like It Is
TNT — Till Next Time
TOY — Thinking Of You
TTFN — Ta Ta For Now
TTYL — Talk To You Later
WAS — Wild A** Guess
WB — Welcome Back
WTH — What/Who The Heck (or sub an ‘F’ for the ‘H’
YBS — You’ll Be Sorry
YG — Young Gentleman
YL — Young Lady
YM — Young Man

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cukup 100,-

> tak perlu coklat manis yang mahal_

> tak perlu bunga mawar yang wangi_

> tak perlu bungkusan kado yang mewah_

cukup 100,- perak aja buat ngucap
.. happy valentine ..

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klW Q blg knGEn 4Tut c4l4h!!!
klw Q blG q Bnc! slh jG4??
lbh b4iK Q blG I LOVE YOU
gq MRH k4nn!!!

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Skarang dan Slamanya

Aq Ingin Hidup Dngn U Hnya Pd 2 Wktu:
“Skarang N’ Slamanya”

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Terasi,Srikaya Campur Pizza

Terasi,Srikaya Campur Pizza
Permisi Orang Kaya Mo Buang Pulsa
Buah Markisa Buah Kedondong
Orang Susa Bales Donk

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bila jauh, uuuhhh

bila jauh, uuuhhh
aq sangat rindu

bila kamu tak smz,
oke lah aq tetap setia menung9u

bila kamu diam aq mulai bimbang

karena q takut..


takut banget..,,

kamu lupakan aq..

(@_@) he..he..he..

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aQ hRus gEmbiRa wlau

sEtiP mLm Q tRtidUR DeNgn AIr MtA,,..
tRiNgat akaNd diRimoe Yg jaUH dRi Qu,
aQ HrUs tRseNyUm wlau hTi Qu mENaNgis,.aQ hRus gEmbiRa wlau Hti Ne bRsEdiH,,..
sEjeNak Qu tRiNgat SeNyUm maNiz dan cNda twA moe,…♥♥♥♥…

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da lama

da lama g jumpa
kmu gila y

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gula mnqkn mniez

gula mnqkn mniez
pii p’shbtn qt lbih mniez

plangi cm pny 7 wrna
pii p’shbtn qt pny sjuta wrna

pcar mnqkn stia
pii ttep aza p’shbtn qt yg pllinq SETIA

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Indah bgt indah

Indh bgt indh jk q ingt snyum mu, gndh sllu gndh ht
q jk tak brtmu dgn mu siang n’ mlm trbyng sllu snyum mniz bbr mu tak thn ht q mnhn
rndu, mknya q krmkn sms ni untk mu agr trobti rs rnd q n’ q tnykn sdng ap dr mu

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AiR mAtA

BiLa aQ jDi AiR mAtA AkU akAN lahir dimatamu,hidup
dipipimu,dan mati dibibirmu…
tapi jika qmu jdi air mtaq…
aku ga akn pernah nangis…
aku ga maw kehilangan seseorang seperti drimuw…

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kau ingin menggoda aku

ku yakin diriku memang tampan
menebarkan pesona aroma jantan
yang membuatku paham
kau ingin menggoda aku

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jangan skali-kali kamu

jka kmu marah keluarkan kemarahanmu
jka kmu sedih keluarkan kesedihanmu
and jka kmu benci keluarkan kebencianmu….tapi…….
jangan skali-kali kmu malu kmu
keluarkan kemaluanmu…bahaya…..ahaha

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